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Criminal Trial Procedure in justice system

The criminal justice system in Houston, Texas structure is having three major components i.e. Law enforcement and criminal prosecution, Criminal trial and appeals and Corrections. The criminal justice systems components have own authority, insensitive and obligations. This can be varied from locality to locality and county to county. Criminal trial procedure mainly focused on the judge, prosecutor, and defense lawyer, accuse, evidence, jury and witness. These elements are only part of the larger process of a criminal trial. The original accused must be having a merit worthy of the time the accused is going forward to the trial in experienced criminal attorney in Texas.

The district attorney or an assistant district attorney is going to prepare a formal written charging with a specific crime person and presents to a grand jury to decide the enough evidence exists to merit a trial. If the grand jury agrees the merits at trial means it is called an indictment.

In the case of misdemeanors, a grand jury condemnation is not necessary. The defendant is considered a flight risk, but otherwise not a threat to the society, the court may grant a release on bail pending appeal and specified sum of cash that would be seized by the court should the defendant flee.

 Before a case goes to criminal trial procedure the accused is asked to enter an appeal, either guilty or not guilty. The guilty plea avoids a trial and the case proceeds to the penalty phase. But unlike a guilty plea is avoids admission of guilt, recognizing that the costs and difficulty of successfully defending oneself are too high to make it worthwhile.

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Comment by Luis Mier on May 20, 2014 at 5:10am

Well written blog! Every point has been well illustrated and would benefit the users. Actually in the Criminal justice system there are series of steps that begins with a criminal investigation and ends in release of a convicted offender from correctional supervision. 



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